Mostafa Mohamed Abdullatief Nassar

Social Media Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketing Plan
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Hello all gentlemen and respected people
I am Mostafa Nassar, graduated in computer science and information in 2016 with very good honors.

I'm an intelligent social media specialist with 12 years of working in trade and 1.5 years of experience in marketing

1. I make a marketing plan for a period of one to three months and start dividing the plan by month, week, and days
2. I use a tool that enables me to schedule posts on Facebook pages
3. Write content that suits and attracts the target audience and achieves great interaction and many posts

here is one of my best work in Facebook pages, which I think it's similar to your required job

*** my previous work
for more reference ***here is my 7asebat blog
2. Facebook page hope hospital:
3. Facebook page farid Habib:
4. Facebook page 7asebat:
5. Facebook page stylish man:
6. Facebook page Aya Dawood Voice Over:

Updated content/tone and dramatically improved the 7asebat blogger brand persona to be fresh, casual
and engaging, Designed a new content framework using HubSpot topic clusters to generate a fresh idea,
conceptualize storytelling strategies and encourage collaboration.

▪ Ensure content is SEO friendly as well as engaging, conducting a detailed, competitive analysis of sites to
determine best strategies in collaboration with clients goals

▪ Editing Html, CSS, and other code on a content page with a high level of technical skills, researched targeted
keyword rankings for auto dealerships, nationally providing weekly localization and optimization

Social Media Specialist at Server Soft Jan 2021-Mar2021
▪ Expended professional expertise at every opportunity across diverse financial instruments and company
products provided well-received swimming-up reports regarding currency exchange dai


Social Media Marketing Specialist
الشركة: Gouda Awwad
من: 2021-07-01
إلى: اليوم الحالي
Seo specialist and content creator
الشركة: 7asebat
من: 2021-02-01
إلى: اليوم الحالي
Social Media Specialist
الشركة: Stylish man
من: 2021-02-01
إلى: 2021-07-01
Social Media Specialist
الشركة: Aya Dawood Voice Over
من: 2021-02-01
إلى: 2021-07-01
Digital Marketing Specialist
الشركة: Server Soft
من: 2021-09-01
إلى: 2021-02-01


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